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Apartments in Germany. Prices for new homes by region Germany

This season, analysts call Germany as an oasis of the European stability: the prices are kept almost at a given level, the construction has not yet frozen, and foreign buyers show to the market of interest. If not these yet and almost, the country could be called ideal for investment.
In contrast to the doubts powerful argument local realtors, who see the secret of the German peace that in the country instead of a crisis of overproduction - quite the reverse situation.
In recent years, even before the current global crisis has spread to the USA and most European countries, the development in the construction industry in Germany slowed sharply after the abolition of subsidies on private construction. Thus, in 2007, according to statistics, was issued 183 000 building permits, while in the middle of the 90s was given to 600 000. German real estate market called twofold: there are regions where practically absent any real estate market, but there are prosperous and the earth.
Berlin - one of the favorite of both locals and investors cities in Germany. Despite the high percentage of unemployment - according to statistics, 2007 in Berlin nearly 16.5% of the population were unemployed, the capital of the increasingly attracts both national and foreign capital. Until now, strangely enough, Berlin is one of the European cities with the lowest prices. So, square meter in a prestigious district of the German capital in a renovated old building costs an average of 1,500 euros (in London for similar conditions will have to pay about EUR 15 000, in Paris - 12 Euro 000 in Madrid 8000).
For example, one of the major German investors the Cologne company Vivacon AG invested a total of EUR 200 million in the construction of five sites in Berlin: in the near future will be built in the city center apartments of a class Lux on area is 13 200 sq.m, where sq. m deposits 6 000, apartment near Cologne Park, opposite penthouse already almost completed, and all 108 apartments are sold. In addition, the company actively participates in building of capital airport Berlin-Brandenburg in Schonefeld and creating the nearby technology Park WISTA. And since the introduction of the airport and Park in effect in 2011 means additional 40 000 jobs, the firm Vivacon AG is developing a new project: from the old hospital in the art Nouveau style in the immediate vicinity of the airport will create a set of villas Britzer Parkvillen, consisting of 78 apartments. Price per sq. m here is moderate - 2350.
Vivacon AG focuses not only on the well-earning Metropolitan residents, or loving Berlin foreigners, round sum for shelterluxury but people with more modest incomes. So, in the first quarter of 2009 in Berlin Mitte about Cologne Park will be built complex LuisenKarree area of 12 000 sq. m calculated on 375 apartments. Price per sq. m of housing is 3300. The basis of the constructions became brick monument of architecture, the former head office of one of the leading insurance companies of Germany KLA. Directly on the restoration of the building investors have identified 65 million, and the buildings around - 30 million. Next door Vivacon implements elite residential complex by the famous designer Philippe Starck, completion in 2010. Square here is worth about EUR 3000.
A new tendency in the architecture of the capital was the construction of townhouses, very popular in London and Amsterdam. An interesting object - complex Hafenquartier Mitte, the developer of which is company Agromex GmbHHCo. KG. Complex consisting of 11 exclusive houses with a total area 4309,6 sq. m, built with July 2008, right in the centre of the capital on a shipping channel . The estimated construction completion - end of 2009. If the price per square meter in such a townhouse in Berlin Koepenick is approximately 1,500 euros, the price per sq m in Hafenquartier Mitte, located in the center of the capital, will vary from EUR 2000 and above.
Not only the capital of Germany, is a tasty morsel for investors: in any time we can not forget about the Hanseatic city on one of the most important water arteries of the country - Hamburg. Here one of the most interesting pressing urban projects is, of course, Uberseequartier complex located at 7.9 hectares directly from Magdeburg Marina Hamburg port between the rivers Elbe and . In 2005, the site was sold investment consortium consisting of groups of ING Real Estatee SNS Property Finance and Groo + Partner Grundstucksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbHH and after 2 years began construction of a complex. Fully same project, which consists of 16 buildings with a total area of approximately 274 500 square metres of residential and office and trade - will be ready by 2012. This summer has earned the Information pavilion, where you can see the computer presentation of the project, review plans for further phases of construction. Apartment prices in the segment of luxury, i.e. from EUR 5,000 per sq m and above.
Dusseldorf, the German capital of fashion and the birthplace of the great poet Heinrich Heine, and it was here in honor of the famous one of the leading German Frankonia Eurobau AG has developed the project of the Heinrich Heine Garten Gardens Heinrich Heine. Construction of the complex in one of the favorite residents of the districts of the city - Heerdt, begun in the summer of 2008, it is planned to complete in the next 2 years. Complex with a total area 3,87 hectares, consists of apartment houses, townhouses and urban villas. It is planned to put into operation 360 apartments with an area from 60 to 270 sq m, and villas will be located a maximum of 9 apartments and the whole complex styled architecture art Nouveau beginning of the 20th century: high ceilings, huge Windows.
It is assumed that the home - as a class Luxand quite accessible to the average working man that will remove, and purchase of private property. Price per sq. m of housing in Dusseldorf - from EUR 2,000 to 3,000.
Bavaria is undoubtedly one of the top markets high quality real estate and in the future it is expected robust growth in value. Although we in the first half of 2008 experienced a moderate price reduction - approximately on 6% (which is significantly less than that in the rest of Germany), at the same time, we have Nuremberg and Munich, the city where, despite the overall drop in prices, the tendency is opposite. Just Munich confirms its position as superior and rather expensive, but at the same time - reliable market with increase in the cost, says Rudolf Dan, head of sales, construction law and evaluation of the areas of brokerage firms Gerschlauer AG in Munich.
One of the most prestigious objects above the investor Frankonia Eurobau in Munich - complex Lenbach Garten about the Old Botanical garden. The complex consists of a five-star hotel The Charles, 151 luxurious apartments, underground garages, offices. Construction Lenbach Garten began in may 2005, and in 2008 was finished. At the present moment the hotel and office buildings sold Vienna investor IMMOFINANZ AG, and 85% of the apartments, the area from 73 up to 385 sq m, passed into private ownership. Price per sq. m of housing in conjunction start from EUR 3300.
Not less interesting project investors HIH Hamburgische Projektentwicklung GmbH Neue Mitte Karlsfeld in Munich's total area of 28 300 sq. m: there will be shops, offices, library and apartment. Construction of the complex began in may 2008 and are scheduled for completion by the end of 2009. Under the housing allocated 6 970 sq. m., number of apartments will be 80-100 units ranging from 50 to 100 sq. m, and the apartments can be bought in private ownership or rent. The concept developers, the new complex should satisfy the needs of both lonely and elderly people and families. By estimations of brokers, the prices here start from 1,500 euros and above.
Naturally, one way or another, the current global financial crisis has not bypassed and safe in all respects Germany, including the sphere of real estate and construction in the country. However, while the shocks occurred. First in Germany there was such artificial swelling of real estate prices as in the us UK or Spain - the prices are quite moderate. Secondly experts expect today in economically developed regions deficit of apartments due to migration in search of work - phenomenon by the way, which are making the German market with the market relative to the economically prosperous Finland.
even under adverse events in Europe in General and Germany in particular, investors will not give up completely or partially from the sale of real estate projects. In the sphere of production real estate - Yes. Not only project financing will be more difficult. In the following 1-2 years is also expected decline of interest to the production areas, and one of the main factors here is, for example, the forthcoming consolidation of the banking sector. In the field of residential real estate strong recession as such are not expected. And this is not an optimistic view of the situation - in fact, the construction in this area have been at historically low levels.
- If in the first half of 2009 will not happen dramatic economic meltdowns, on the second is quite possible to predict the positive trends on the German property market with a rise in demand, especially in the regions, which still were valuable and attractive. At the moment the situation is rather seems that funding problems have arisen, first of all, by the end consumers and building contractors. We do not believe that investors will ultimately stop investing in objects of the German real estate investors clearly see the reliability of the German market, - is sure Rudolf Dan.

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